Recommended Books and Resources about St. Nicholas

This is the classic tale that has defined our image of St. Nicholas for more than 175 years. It is a must for everyone.


This book by Harold Myra is written to introduce young children to the historic St. Nicholas. It is filled with factual information about his life, while still remaining entertaining to young readers. While never clearly answering the question in the title, it provides the foundation for parents to have discussions with their children and answer the question as they best feel.

This book by Marianna Mayer was written with young people in mind. It presents clear stories about the life of St. Nicholas while not coming across as a history textbook. In addition to the stories, the book includes beautiful pictures of painting and Icons of St. Nicholas from throughout the years.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable work of historical fiction which bridges the gap between the historical Nicholas, Bishop of Asia Minor, and the contemporary image of Santa Claus. Through the presentation of different historical events, you find the development of the modern Santa Claus, while remaining faithful to the Christian faith of St. Nicholas.


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